About Himanshu Tailor

     Architecture is the perfect blend of science and art. It requires a level of perfection and attention to detail. There's architecture everywhere we go, whether it's the big city or a quiet suburb. Design never rests. To be able to solve problems that directly effect a person's way of life and more so quality of life is such an amazing responsibility It drives such solutions as a cultural changes and effects society as a whole.

     Photography is the art of capturing and displaying a single moment with no words at all. It requires patience, passion and endurance. Patience to get the right shot at the right time. Passionate to live for the perfect shots. And finally endurance to make the necessary efforts to review and process the final product. A photo is a snapshot of some elses life. It represents everything they were thinking and feeling at that point in time. Look closely at each picture and imagine what was the intent of the shot.

     These two fields are bound to each other. Architectural photography showcases buildings and it's detailed components in their truest context. Having the detail eye in the design and construction field, I believe it is my ultimate passion to combine both design and photography into my life as both a personal and career goal.

     Thank you for taking an interest and visiting my site. I hope you are able to enjoy my work and I look forward to hearing your feedback as well as someday working with you.


               - Himanshu Tailor